Statement of Integrity

Journal of Multiparadigm Accounting (JAMAL) emphasises integrity in the article review process, from submission to publication. We never promise LOA as long as the article has not met the substance standard and reviewed by at least two external examiners. In addition, we never collaborate with any agency in the article publishing process. We hope that all authors will follow every review process in JAMAL that has been systemised in OJS.  
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Call for Papers: ULUNG JAMAL 2023


Writing a scientific article, especially for publication in a journal, is not an easy matter. There are many processes that writers have to go through, from reviewing the editorial team, plagiarism, partnering and editing of articles to publication in print and online. Those who make it through the article publication process should be proud.


To motivate writers to improve the quality of articles, JAMAL organizes "Ulung JAMAL". This program is a form of appreciation for the best article writers for each number.


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The Winners of ULUNG JAMAL 2022


We thank you for the participation of all authors who have submitted articles to the Journal of Multiparadigm Accounting. Based on the review of the article by taking into account the substance of the article, the submission process, and the External Reviewers' input, the Editorial Board announces the winners of ULUNG JAMAL 2022 as follows:

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