Dian Purnamasari, Iwan Triyuwono


Yayasan is a non-profit organization. The organization should not, by nature, has income statement and “profit” account. But, a non-profit organization which has profit account in income statement, still exists. The aim of this research is to find why the non-profit organization use income statement and understand the meaning of “profit” in non-profit education organization. The paradigm used in this research is interpretive paradigm. This research used Hermeneutics Intensionalism as the analysis method. The result shows there are three meanings of “profit” in non-profit organization, namely material “profit”, social “profit”, and memorial “profit”. The material “profit” is used to pay the debt of the non-profit organization. Social “profit” is the meaning of “profit” understood by student who benefit from fee dis-counts from the school. The third “profit” is memorial “profit” that means value to every stakeholder of this organization, that could remember won-derful times when they studied and worked in this school. These three “profits” are connected and affect one another so that they become borderless circle, namely the Tri-Sari “Laba” Yayasan.


profit; non-profit organization; hermeneutics intensionalism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18202/jamal.2010.12.7106


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